Tips: The product’s intent should be indicated in the images.

Display main image on homepage Using high quality images Highlight the image of the company Improve user visual interface design.

Incorporate images into template

2. Mobile friendly-responsive interface Google officially declared on March 26, 2018 the correct update for mobile phones. The update penalizes mobile sites that aren’t adapted.

We actually live in a society without cellular devices that can’t do so. When the user browses your site on a mobile phone, he wants to see the material on a desktop or laptop computer like he would. This requires a better interface for the consumer’s user experience. Consequently, responsive architecture is an essential element for each venue.

3. Rich interface design The site’s excellent interactive design will bring pleasure to consumers and enhance the user experience. Mockplus allows fast prototyping of interactive web pages and creates a more appealing website design for users.

Tips: Using contrast in design Be consistent Use correct dynamic effects Avoid making pop-ups Making a great shape

4. Clear navigation interface The navigation menu is the principal feature of a website. Only in this way can users search your website and find and discover their products. So it has to be simple and intuitive. Make sure that easy navigation is a priority at design.

Tips: Use a legible and clear copy Use a basic copy but add characters so consumers can quickly and clearly understand it. Be sure to focus on the product though: what it is, and how it works.

5. Highlight your site’s main content Users can use several keywords to access your site so you’ll need to highlight your site’s main product and content. Verify that the user recognizes your site’s point of sale at a glance.

Tips: Bold text of this product information Display user-attracting product picture

6. Using “white space” “white space” provides a more balanced interface, which clearly shows basic results and draws user attention. When a platform is poorly designed, users will have trouble understanding what the site is attempting to communicate.

Sure enough space between terms and parts is a good practice. It makes them easier to understand. Limit the number of design elements, as well. If there are too many design features it will scatter the user’s attention. Improve the user experience by using blank spaces to guide the user so that the information that he is searching for can be found quickly.

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